Relocation to Kuwait from the Philippines

I'm a Chemical Engineer who recently got a job for a company in Kuwait (within Sabhan Industrial). I've been given a family package and would soon need to relocate (probably by end of this month - October 2017). I have a few questions in mind about relocating in Kuwait and would like to weigh down our expectations. Here are a few questions in my mind and would appreciate thoughts of those who are already settled and has firsthand experience there in Kuwait.

1. Since I have to travel first, what's the standard statutory processes that I have to go through, for me to be able to bring my family?

2. Can you recommend a family-friendly area, especially for Filipinos? A good accommodation for a family of 5 (3 Adults and 2 toddlers)? Cost?

3. Can you recommend a good school - my eldest will be at 6th grade next year. Filipino school is preferred but would also consider other international school. How much does the fee normally range?

4. What would you recommend on buying a car - to get a loan from the bank? or to buy a 2nd hand car? How much does it cost?

Appreciate your responses. Thanks.

Hi! Welcome to Kuwait!

1. You have to get your own visa and residency first before you can get your family to come. Your company will help you process all of their documents. Since you are an engineer I assume that your salary passes the minimum salary for bringing dependents.
2. There are many Filipinos in Salmiya, Hawally, Farwaniya, Fahaheel, Mahboula. The first three close to the city and close-ish to Sabhan but they are expat communities... expect Quezon City to Quiapo feels. Mahboula and Fahaheel are further from the city. Rental in these two areas are cheaper. You can get a decent 2-bedroom for KD400.
3. There is Philippine International English School and it is located in Fahaheel. A bit far from your work place.
4. My suggestion for car... Don't buy something very expensive and go into debt. I know you are planning to stay here for a while but the sad thing with Kuwait is that although their economy is doing ok a lot of the companies are poorly managed and hostage to the whims of irrational people. One minute the company and you might be doing well... then something snaps and you'd find yourself at the airport. Better be conservative about spending here. :)

Hi Jenducky, thanks a lot for the advise. Do you have any idea on the school fees? Thanks again.

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