German family reunion visa for a child from Pakistan

Hi all,
I am a mother of a 15 years old daughter and two sons aged 8 and 7. My sons are with me and my daughter is still in Pakistan. I have applied a Family reunion visa for her in the German Embassy Islamabad. Till now documents verification and interview by a German representative/ Pakistani lawyer has done. I have a Aufenthalt Erlaubnis which I get in Feb 2017 on humanitarian grounds.
I want to know if anybody has the experience to get the family reunion visa for children and how long it will take to get the visa. Please help.
Very thanks.

As far as I know, you can only apply for a family reunion visa if you have Aufenthaltserlaubnis for more than 12 months. For that reason, they often give only 12 months or less nowadays.
It should take 3 - 5 months, but depends on the embassy and the authorities of the German town you live in.

Thanks beppi for your reply.

I have one more question, any help will be appreciated.
Is it possible to bring my father here from Pakistan on family reunion visa?
My father is 67 years old and I want my father to live with me here in Germany.
What requiments I must have to fullfil.
Please help.

A family reunion visa for parents of adult kids is only possible in special hardship cases: If the parents are not able to live independently and the necessary support cannot be arranged in their home country.
Since this is very difficult to prove, the rule is hardly ever used.

Thanks for your time and kind reply.
So if a family reunion visa is not possible for my father, do you have any idea that how I can apply a visit visa for him to visit me whenever he want.
I mean what requiments I must have to fulfill?

He can apply for a tourist visa every time he wants to come.
Contact the German embassy in your country for requirements and procedure.

Thanks for the quick reply. Bless you

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