Hello, I am planing to move to Morocco and I would like to get advice or information on job opportunities anywhere in Morocco for Spanish and English speaker. I have a Master's degree in Science and I know probably I won't find anything related to my field. Is working in a call center the only option? Thank you in advance for any help provided.

Well, As long as you are not a Moroccan resident, you need at first to Apply to the Moroccan Ministry of Employment in order to get a Work Permission .
A work permission for a foreign person is generally granted for one year and may then be granted for one or two years as requested by the operator.

You must get the "Residence visa" in order to be able to work in the "Public sector", which means, now you are able to work in the "private sector" only .

Work depends on what's kind of science you have a Master's degree in.

Anyway, rightnow you can apply for a Hotel or a Private hospital, or A language school (which is easy for a good english and french speaker)... And yeah, you can try to work in the canadian Embassy here, it doesn't needs a special requirements for applying, you can work as a clerk or as a secretary.

this is all what i can suggest now, But things will get better and you will find more job's opportunities when you be a Moroccan resident . Good Luck .

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