Medical check up

I wanted to know that during medical check up For immigration in Singapore if found dengue or malaria .,is singapore government refused to enter.

They may take you to isolated rooms in selected hospitals till you are quarantined then they will allow you to leave the country in case you have dengue. But in malaria case, did not hear officials send you back. But, it again depends on what stage your detection was reported.

There is no hope for dengue patients

Also for minor stage of dengue

Just curious, why are you asking about this?

A friend of mine got a very serious Dengue infection in Indonesia and came to Singapore to have it treated (at Mt. Elisabeth's ICU). He had no problems with immigration - but then again he did not want to work here.

To come here for treatment and visitor or a first time employee who caught with dengue during medical check up are two different things. Here, Govt won’t encourage to hire an employee who is carrying life threatening diseases coming to Singapore. I heard last year, a tourist was quarantined with zika virus, took him to an isolated cell in Changi hospital and kept there for several days and later deported. If you are already working in Singapore caught dengue in Singapore or from outside then Govt won’t cancel your pass, rather sent you to hospital till you get cure, later you will foot the bill.

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