get socialized with expats without becoming an alcoholic

Still preparing, wondering and considering. One complete other point:

When I will be arriving in Siem Reap, I will be more or less on my own. Now I am not the guy to get lonely very fast and I am pretty easy going and get friends. But, how does it work in Siem Reap?
Is there some kind of expat community, or is everyone living on their own? Do they live in certain neighborhoods or are they scattered around? I certainly want to go out once or twice a week, especially to live music bars. But do expats spent time together outside bars?

I am a 54 year old business man. So 80 year old retires and 20 year old backpackers will not be my friends.

Any suggestions or inside thoughts?

Hi James, although I don't know the SR expat community there are several general ways to socialize.

It's all up to you, the choice of venues is large, each to his own taste. Alcohol should not be an issue, as it does not bring friendship, socializing is not necessarily getting drunk together, but more exchange life experiences, knowledge, jokes, sharing places to go or events. All that can be done without alcohol. I myself don't use alcohol anymore, apart from the odd glass of red wine. It's a personal choice.

I would say go to SR first, get yourself a nice guesthouse to stay for a month and look around, talk to people, enjoy your time and learn about the community. It's the best way to find out, if you find a certain area that you like in particular, try to rent a house or apartment there, rent a motorbike if you think it would be comfortable, get accustomed and feel happy.

I wish you good luck! ;)

dear james, i am deeply hurt by your comments, i am 80 years old and very sorry for you that i do not drink, smoke or gamble, what a boring old fart i have become and could not live in the fast lane like you, yes if you are a big mouthed ,loud voiced drunken yahoo then pass on by my freind, i think you would be more at home in bali along with the rest of the rough nuts, cheers, cookiboy.

joekhmer, you missed your vocation, you should be working for one of the news papers answering dorothy dix questions, feel free to read my reply to james.

cookyboy :

joekhmer, you missed your vocation, you should be working for one of the news papers answering dorothy dix questions, feel free to read my reply to james.

James Cookiboy, thanks for the compliment, but I'm retired too and have not the slightest interest in working. I enjoy my stress-free life as much as I can and I'm happy with it. I manage to keep my inner peace and inner balance.

The work I do here on is not so much, some days more than others. I read the posts in the morning and answer them where necessary. It's volunteer work and I like it, not in the least because of my adorable and pretty "superior" Priscilla, a delight to work together :)

James did not mean to offend anyone, he is a good guy, I have exchanged quite some pm's with him and he is ok. So take it with a smile, he will probably write you and regret that you feel offended.



Dear Joe, thx for the kind words!
Dear Cookymonster ;) (not meant evil!!!, Just kidding)
As Joe said, I really did not want to offend you!!!

Let me explain my question: I am a guy who needs some social life. Getting into a bar is the easiest way to have a social life, but  .... I like to drink, I am a social drinker. At home a rarely touch alcohol, but listening to music, playing pool and... I like a drink. And.. every next drink is tasting better.
In my 30's when I diforced the first time, a lot of my friends divorced too and became bar-tigers. I did not want to become like that and allowed myself 1 night a week out. That worked out quite well. Bars are for me also not the best place to meet woman. Although I really respect bargirls and never would look down on them. It is just not the type of woman I like most. I like being with bar girls, flirt, chat, party or just having a nice time. But just not partner material for me. Please don't take that wrong. :gloria

So when I would arrive allone in SR the easiest way would be getting into the bar scene. Knowing myself, that would lead to self-destruction. So I was asking about other ways to meet mindliked expats. Playing volleyball, chess or just meet without always being in a bar.
I admire Joe that he can enjoy the barscene without alcohol. I have quite some self discipline, but having fun with a beer... I'd better restrict myself a little.

This post was from october last year, situation changed for me immense. When I will arrive in Cambodia, I will not be alone. I met a wonderful woman online. Although I realize there is no garantee at all. We both feel that this will work out.
The upside of this is that I will certainly not be alone. The downside is that I can not hit the bar scene as single guy and have fun with bargirls :sosad: I have been in asia many times, but always with partner so I  missed a lot of the fun.

dear james, no offence taken my freind, i freely admit i have become a boring old fart although my 37 year old cambodian partner see,s me as a smooth talking, bronzed anzac  who owns anna station and cross breeds kangaroos with sheep to make a wooly jumper ( sorry mate an old joke but then so am i), i have travelled between melbourne and phnom penh about 38 times but this time i decided on siem reap and i love it, my apartment is 3 minutes walk from pub street, the streets are cleaner, the people more freindly , not so pushy and more laid back, so mate (and all australians call each other mate as we automaticlly presume you mean me no harm and until you do then you become a bit of a b-------d) persist in staying in siem reap and if the bar scene is your thing then i suggest you contact joun somphounh a local tuk tuk driver (****) . kindest regards, james cookiboy.

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Dear Cookyboy,

I don't know my exact planning for this year. But when the time has come to take the plane to Cambodia I will certainly contact some of the people here to have a beer! As I said, I like a beer and going to a bar, but can't allow myself to do that too often. :gloria

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