Safety in Cairo? Opinion on these international schools?


To all  female expats in Cairo now, could you please share what the safety situation is like in Cairo these days ?
Is it better to live in Maadi or New Cairo- I am looking for neighborhoods with less pollution (if that is even possible), quiet neighborhoods that are not too far from some shopping/grocery stores and safer.....??

Finally, has anyone heard of Modern English School, the Cairo English School and the Metropolitan School? If so, are these good schools?

As an expat teacher who is certified with 8 years of experience- what is a fair salary ?

I have some good experience with International schools
Contact me and I can hook you up with some expats here in sha ALLAH who knows well about these schools and even have their own home schooling thing

For quiet and safe neighborhoods I would choose Maadi. New Cairo is good but Maadi is more convenient for grocery stores that are at walking distance and it is closer to central cairo (downtown, zamalek, mohandesin, etc.). But if your job is in New Cairo then live there because traffic in Cairo is horrible.

I know that Modern English School is very good. I don't know a lot of information about the other schools.

Based on my experience as a maadi resident for many years, I recommend maadi, it's more cosy and higher number of expats living, many of which are working in new Cairo. It's more alive and grocery and shopping places are all within reach.
New Cairo I would say less polluted due to its location, but still it's getting more and more crowded.
Duration from maadi to New Cairo will be around 15 to 20 mins
Hope this is helpful

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