Stamp Duty after flat purchase

This is my first post so hello everyone!

I bought a flat 6 months ago and haven't received any Stamp Duty bill or claim from the authorities. I know this needs paying, and I have the money set aside, but I do not know which authority can clear this up for me.

The solicitor I used disappeared after being paid sadly... and although I've confirmed the apartment is registered to my name, I also haven't received the official ownership documentation which is causing other problems with utility suppliers.

Can someone advise how best to work these things out?

Thank you!

What is the name of the solicitor? What do you mean he disappeared? It's in his interest to assist you with any issues and get extra payment... Was he even a lincensed lawyer? You can search for his name at …

All official property paperwork should have been given to you at time of purchase. But actual and current ownership documents  are not sent to you. You have go to the local property/land office and request a copy.

If you did not receive your tax bill it is likely the post office just messed up. But to make sure, when you go to the land office to get your ownership document, ask there if they sent the notification the Hungarian tax authority, and if they did, then tell them you did not receive the bill, and ask how to pay it now.

My stamp duty notices have always been sent to my lawyers office and they then convey it to me. I have used a single firm for all my dealings and it happens like clockwork.

I would be worried if your lawyer has 'disappeared'

Double check that the property has indeed been registered in your name to be sure.

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