The pros and cons of living in a compound

I am new to KSA looking for an accommodation in Khobar area preferably in a compound, I am single and I am not sure if that's a pro or a con.
any advice would be highly appreciated.
Thank you

Khobar is nice place to live .. compund life is fun with all western life style facilities ... compounds rents start from 70k to 120 k for 2 bed house    ..

thank you for your reply, do I need to contact agencies or  compounds admins. directly

only con is the rent as its on a higher side, another con may b the distance from your work place.

Google  the list of compund in khobar and then u can get there direct numbers ...its better to contact them personaly

I find a compound life can be claustrophobic and expensive, but socially rewarding. Of course YMMV, depending on who your neighbours are.

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