Employment Visa Cancelled but no 'Cancel Stamp' in Passport Visa PAge

Hi All
Wanted to get clarification on an issue.
I had been employed in Oman and recently cancelled my Visa and returned to my home country. During Visa cancellation, they took back the resident card and put the cancel stamp on my Visa page in the passport. But now I noticed that they have actually put the cancel stamp on one of my previous visas and the latest visa is still there on my passport. Adding on to that, I'm now back in Oman on a visit visa and didn't face any issue in entering. I enquired and the immigration guys were of the opinion that your employment visa is already cancelled in the system, so you won't have any further issues and they refused to put the cancel stamp. Now I'm planning to visit Dubai, exiting Oman. I was wondering if I would have any issues at the border when they get to see both a visit visa and the old employment visa without the cancel stamp. It's a funny situation, looking forward to your suggestions.

Hi hrn1988,

Since you have done nothing illegal or wrong, you do not have anything to worry.

If asked, you can always quote your conversation with the Immigration authorities about it and that alone should suffice.

Hi Sumitran
Thanks for the reply. Thats exactly what im planning to do. But you never know what someone would come up with and would like to avoid any issue during my exit, as i will have to visit Oman frequently. Lets see how ot goes.

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