studies in denmark

am from india and was planning to complete masters in Denmark. can anyone suggest me place with low cost of living where I can get good part time jobs and complete my course.

I think low-cost does not go well with Denmark. It is one of the most expensive countries in the world. I think you can find more part time jobs in the capital of Denmark - Copenhagen.

thanku so much

I'm also interested in the same, did you get your admission in a college/university? … cation.htm

Do notice that you are only allowed to work 20 hours a week.

Odd jobs are badly paid as the employer often don't have an agreement with a union. A rough estimate 100 kroner per hour. If you can find a relevant job within your field (e.g. your study is within IT), the pay will be (much) better, but else you shall not expect to be choosy.


I think there are serveral jobs around 100 - 150 DKK, but you will pay tax of course... 100 DKK is basic job such as helping out in buildings.

....... bars, restaurants, cleaning .................. 100 kroner +/-

This is the employer's market why you shall not expect to be paid well.


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