Visa Cancellation & compensation

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I recently resigned from my Job, i need to complete 1 month before i leave, but i have some questions regarding compensation.

I want to cancel my visa so i can apply for investor visa, i would like to know if my current employer will get back anything from the fees he paid for me (work permit, gosi etc), because i can't transfer, only cancellation is the option in my case.



I guess refund will only apply for mobility i.e if your hired by another company, i am not sure about investor visa.



Yes i'm aware about refund for mobility, but i'll start my own company, so i was wondering if he will get anything if i just cancel the visa and apply for Investor visa.


Contacting LMRA and finding out would be the best option.


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As for my knowledge you should not cancel the VISA, it is a strength for you to get into an another VISA. 
As a practice some sponsors deduct the VISA+ other expenditure from the indemnity and what ever from your benefits if you have not work for the full term of the contract.
Best is to go to a Lawyer and ask, they may gives the full details and may charge around Bd. 30/000 for the counselling secession.
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