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Dear friends and members

I am new here in Mexico , have been here for 5 months , i come from Egypt  and i am Electrical engineer with 8 years experience . I speak Arabic and English . When i moved here i thought it will be easy to start a new life and find work in my field as electrical engineer since the electrical energy field here in Mexico started to grow very much . But after i came and start to look for a job in every place i couldn't get any chance , all the interview i attended they tell me after i pass it that i must speak Spanish and because of the language i cant get the job , so i started to look for the American and English speaking companies  here , thought they would really  help me getting a chance  and even start with low salary until i can prove my skills and show them my experience that i gained through 8 years and which is really great , and i went to interviews and i passed it then i don't know what happening ..all the jobs i applied here i passed it technically and they admit i have very good experience and i fit for the job but  then it end i don't get the job for 2 reasons the Spanish language or i must have visa for USA which i don't have . i went to most of the cities even traveled if there is an interview just to get a chance but seems like there is no one that would like to help or give any chance at all until i get very disappointed . i start after this to look  for doing any job so i can survive and live here and i moved to Mexico city  , tried to do any job but i met people that thought i am foreigner having money and they tried to use me and steal me but the thing i didn't have money so after they find out this they just disappear and no one help  or they end up any project we try to start together  or they even take things from me and escape and i can't find them . Through these 5 months i have passed with the hardest times in my life feel disappointed and depressed in everything .  I even had no place to stay at until a very good man hosted me with his family and he helped me  lot and supported me , i found free school to teach Spanish at Mexico city but after i spent 1 month there i couldn't continue because  some financial issues that i couldn't even have the money  to go to the school . So i kept looking every where in Mexico city for work but i didn't have any chance i don't know why and i felt like the world is dark in front of me every where i go . So this friend that hosted me and another very good man from Egypt tried to help me to start a business of my own and sell Egyptian and Arabic makeup and perfume . I went through it because i had no choice and seems like it is very impossible to find chance in my field since i cant speak Spanish . So i started this business in Mexico city  but it was s dangerous to stay there and i felt unsafe . So i moved back to Guanajuato with this business but the area where i live at is dead , there is no much people , the market of selling dead , i cant find Spanish school to attend . So i am looking forward to move to another place where i can grow this business and sell Arabic makeup  or find a chance in my field as electrical engineer , learn Spanish and feel safe and secure and in active city where there are people around and you can sell and people love to buy and you enjoy being in the place . But i don't know where to go and i would like to know your suggestions what city shall i move to and how it is  and if it match with what i look for ?

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