Just want to ask some advice

Hello, good day to all..

It's me Sean, I'm back again, asking some advice of what do I need to do..
My situation is I was resigned from my previous company 5months ago, my employer give me all documents to release me,.
Now before I resigned, I was hired already for the other company which I'm going to transfer, bcoz its a government, so I grab the opportunity.. I was hired 5months ago also, but I never thought that I takes too long for me to wait, until now I still not transferred, I still don't have work, I don't get any salary for 5months and I don't know until when, it's really so hard to stay without work.. I always follow.up to the company, there just keep on telling me to wait until it's finish all the process..
When I was hired and resigned 5months ago, my visa is still active under my previous company coz they didn't cancel me, they just waited also to transfer the visa..
Now my previous company always calling me when my visa will be transfer, but I cannot answer them bcoz I cannot get any answer from the new company..
Now my problem is, my visa is already expired just this month, I heard that when it's expired I get automatically 1month grace period, I already let the new company know that my visa is already expired, but still they just let me wait.. but I don't know until when I need to wait..

And take note, it's been 5months already that I've been waiting,. I ask some of the employee who work there, they said, also them they've waited so long also 11months to 1year..

What do I need to do, if the grace period is over, and my visa still not transfer to new company..
Maybe it takes 3-6months again to wait..
What will happen to my visa..

Please, give me some advice
It's feels so upset also if I find a new work that I've been waiting already for how many months, and it's a great opportunity also to work in a government..
But sadly, I never thought that this is long it's way to process the papers.

Sorry to hear about your situation, kindly contact LMRA or Ministry of Labour immediately and seek assistance, also contact your embassy and inform them.



Hi thanks for the response, but do I need to tell to lmra? Do I need to say about my situation,?what if they will just give me 1 month mobility, and the company will still let me wait for how many months..
Still it will finish the mobility, what do I have to do again?

No one else can help you at this moment.


Sounds more like the new place screwed you over. Perhaps they hired someone else and are keeping you waiting in case it doesnt work out. I would look.for another job instead of waiting. A company that wants you would usually let you start asap while they work on fixing your visa in the mean time. Have they got your passport and all your details? Have you got a contact with the new place?

Hi norms,,
Yeah, I have contact to them, I always follow up about the updates, but still like that.. and yes, I comply all the requirements/documents that they need from me..I give my passport but they gave bit back to me after they make copy, I keep on waiting to think that it's a great opportunity to work in a government.. but I never thought that it really takes time to process all.. until now, still I didn't hear,any updates about my application..
And now my visa is under grace period ..
And if this month will end and still waiting from them.. I don't know what to do anymore..

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