Expired visa

      I m a Indian guy living in Oman. My 2 friends also living in Oman & they have some problem. Their visas is expired before last 4 years. When their visa expired they give money their sponsor for renewal but he not renew & ate the money. After that they suffering last 4 years bcz not getting job. Now they want to back home. & I want to give them visa & back them here oman in my company. So plz guide me there is any way to send them home & bring them after 3-4 months.

Hi Nadeem Sayed,

Since your friends have broken the law by illegally overstaying, they would already be considered as 'offenders' and 'overstayers'.

To help them exit, hefty fines would have to be paid and there would be a prison sentence too. And once after serving their term, they would be repatriated. And 'banned' from coming back again as well. This is how the law works.

What they could perhaps do is to wait until the next 'amnesty' is announced and take the opportunity to exit without much of a damage.

But returning to the Sultanate using the same passport would be impossible since they are known and confirmed offenders. So they would not be entertained back into the country, for obvious reasons.

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