Hi, I am from the Philippines and my husband is currently working in KSA. I am planning to apply for a residence/permanent visa for KSA. I have been there before under a "Family Visit Visa" but apparently there are rules and requirements differences. My husband has initially inquired regarding what documents does he have to submit.

One of the requirements is our marriage certificate stamped by KSA Embassy (original copy) in the Philippines, which we already have. This is the document I had before when I was applying for Visit Visas, can I still use this for my permanent visa application? Another thing is, I will be needing this  certificate particularly for the visa stamping here in the Philippines. So that got me confused because my husbands company requires the original copy too.

Another thing is the "Marriage Certificate stamped by MoFA". Is this the same document that has been stamped by KSA embassy which I have mentioned in the previous paragraph?

I hope you can send me some help.



I believe you have to take  the original certificate and copies of it with you ( as much as you need) and get them all stamped from where ever they asked you to do.

They will stamp the copy with some thing we called (matching the original.

This way when you apply the certificate, the copy will do the job, and the original will remain with you.

Hope this will work with you, and let me know if it did.

hi, andito na po ba kayo sa Saudi? Would like to ask some queries dahil yung wife ko and kids are on process of permanent visa dito sa KSA. Tanong ko lang po sana kung ano yung mga steps na ginawa nyo. Currently, napa-attest na ni wife ung red ribbon'd na docs sa Saudi Embassy. Then ano po ang susunod?

Thanks in advance po.

The  original marriage certificate  is also causing me problems in the UK. My Husband has taken the original out to Saudi to complete his residency and yet I am going to need it  to take it to the Agent  when I go up for my medical. Ordered new copy  from government department. I will be presenting the certificate with the official delivery form that was sent. Perhaps you could do something similar. Yes, it does involve additional expense.

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Back in Saudi now. Visa stamping went pretty smooth. :D

Hello Ms. tuttifrutti, I'm currently here in saudi arabia  under a "Family Visit Visa" once my visit visa expires, we are planning to apply for permanent visa. I'm aware of the 2000 sar visa fee however i'm wondering what are the other fees like iqama and insurance and how much it will cost. hoping for your response. Thank you

Good day po.

I just want to ask the process to have an permanent visa. My wife works as nurse in saudi.


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