Anyone know if I can start my business in Nha Trang with the budget of 50million vnd? I’m planning to have a business there and settle my life in Nha Trang. I am Filipino married to vietnamese.

The lack of specificity here is stunning.  Are you talking about a three story coffee shop with karaoke rooms or a Bánh mì cart?  If it's Bánh mì, you might want to partner up with panda7:joking:

It is possible to have a simple bar and restaurant put some acoustic music.

I agree that one could [b]START[/b] a business for that amount of money.

The real question is do you have sufficient income to support you, your wife and the business for a year or so. Starting a business is easy. Building a profitable business is an entirely different issue.

Note, my wife and I have started several, mostly profitable, businesses over the last 50 years. Note, mostly profitable does not mean we were always successful. We also had our share of failures.

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