Short trip to Netherlands with app in process

Hi there,

I am a Canadian expat living in London. I have just applied for the Working Holiday Scheme in the NEtherlands and hope to move there in a few months.

I am traveling to Amsterdam next week for ADE festival and I plan to be there for 3 days. I was wondering if I could be refused entry at the border because I have a pending application and they fear I may not leave:?

I have heard of this happenign to individuals with applications in process in the US and Canada so I was wondering if I should be concerned about my holiday.

Any insight would be very helpful! thank you!!

I don't know for certain; my only comment is that you are travelling from the UK (which is a non-Schengen country), to Holland (which is a Schengen country); there is no passport-free travel between UK/NL and your passport will be checked on arrival at Schiphol.  So, if there is a restriction such as you suggest, you will almost certainly be caught on arrival.  Best you contact the IND and ask; their number is +31 88 043 0430 (open Monday to Friday, 9 till 5).

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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