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Hi everyone! I am trying to find some information about how to get a retirement visa in Mauritius? I just know that i have to open bank account and put the money. So in what bank i can open account if i am on tourist visa now. And can i use this money after i get retirement visa, withdraw it?

A retirement visa is for those aged minimum 50. The Retired Non-Citizen must undertake to transfer to his/her local bank account in Mauritius an initial amount of at least USD 2,500. Thereafter, the Retired Non-Citizen should transfer at least USD 2,500 monthly or a sum by instalments amounting to at least USD 30,000 annually.

You will need to have your character / morality certificate in hand, original or certified copy of your birth certificate, Rs20,000 in bank cheque to the order of the Government of Mauritius, proof of your funds (see below), 4 passport photos & medical examination results (done in Mauritius).

More documents required if you have a dependent.

The money is normally for your own expenses, therefore you HAVE to use it.

To open a bank account, you would need:

(a)  your passport
(b)  recent proof of address
(c)   a bank reference letter from your bank in your country.
(d)  CV (depending on banks)

the above may slightly vary from bank to bank.

Thank you so much! Why is that everybody saying that it almost impossible to open a bank account as you are on tourist visa?) And what bank is easiest way to open account?

You can open an account while being on tourist visa when you're planning to apply for a retired permit. Simply because it is the only scheme where you are allowed to apply while being on a tourist visa. Therefore the bank understands your requirement for a bank account.

Easiest bank to open is the SBM. MCB seems to lose themselves in procedures these days.

Thank you so much for your advise and information!))) I hope  can do it)))

Could take a bit of struggle but I'm sure you'll succeed.

All the best.

Can I ask you 2 more things? What area is better to  stay for the safty and not so expensive ? I mean  apartment for 2 people  what is the normal price for long term rent? How msuch is the motorbike/ scooters  ( not a sport bike) for rent for 1 months?
And I read that i have to have a ticket back to my country on arrive? Can I show only booking of the tickets back?
I appreciate for your answers)))

Best area would depend on your lifestyle and what you're really looking at. Not so expensive would be regions like Quatre Bornes & Rose Hill. I wouldn't recommend Port Louis as a residential area. Normal price again depends on what exactly you're looking at, you can start thinking from Rs12,000 to Rs15,000.

Yes, you need a return ticket if you don't have any residency permit. Normally the Passport & Immigration office requires a confirmed return ticket.

I don't have any clue for scooter rental, maybe some other member might have the answer (?)

I was in Mauritius on tourist visa in March 2017 with the intention to apply for a retirement visa.
I went through the full application process successfully. However, I received my Preliminary approval 3 days before my departure date and could not complete the rest of the requirements.

I opened accounts with MCB and SBM.
MCB was slow in the process.
Whatever Nadeem say is correct. Do not waste your time with other banks. SBM is easiest.

Thanks for your reply! Why it takes so long? Because of the bank? Or what difficulties?

BOI is slow.
I did a preliminary application an end of December 2016. They did nothing.
I called them couple of times. They did not process the application.
Then I went to Mauritius for 1 month from 8th of Feb until 9th of March.
Only then, BOI started looking into my application. It took them 3 weeks for the preliminary approval.
I received the approval 5-6 days before departure date and I did not have time to make trasfer of funds, nor the medical check-up. Therefore, I left.

I see... and BOI is it like an agency of helping to prepare document or it's government service like an immigration police or something like that?

BOI is a governement organization that deals with those applications and residency based on investment.
Once they approve, you go to Immigration and Passport control department.

I see... so they are who decide to give you visa or not.. immigration is only stamp the passport according to there  resolution)

Immigration is doing other checkups.
Not sure what exactly, but they look at all documents too.
Please contact me on my email. It is difficult to connect to internet to the forum to answer.
mail is ovtchae[at]

The BOI is a facilitator to receive your application & scrutinise its eligibility. The Passport & Immigration Office (PIO) is the 'authority' that delivers the actual permit. You will see the permit is signed and sealed only by the PIO

On application phase:
-  the PIO checks all identity documents (birth certificate, passport, etc.), your medicals, visa status & validity, certificate of character, etc.
-  the BOI will check your ability to fit in the chosen scheme (funds transfer, documents proving your retired if applicable, etc.)

The BOI will collect everything and then process in their back-office. They then recommend the application to the PIO which will issue the permit.

Yes I see now! )

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