Recommendations for French Language course

Hi expats

I'm new to Nantes.  I'm looking into picking up a French course as soon as possible.  The research is a little daunting.

I wondered if anyone has some recommendations for courses in Nantes or any other methods of learning for an expat new to France.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide


Hey, I'm also learning French for two months now. I go to the Francophonie, it's a language school and it's great. I am also learning from the YouTube channel French with Alexa, she's got good and interesting videos. If you need more details about the school like the address or number please feel free to contact me. :)

Hi, I also went to Francophonie for about 2 months, started in March, it was 2 hrs per week. I was in class for level B1 but i stopped.  I gained nothing per se because this level was way above what i had even though i had level A2 before coming here. I resulted to youtube first and a lot of reading.

All the same, it's a great place. I saw another one in Commerce but i've forgotten the name.

Good Luck

A French language course is a way more efficient in a supportive environment. Pay attention to language teaching methods offered by the school: personalized class materials make the difference to reach each student needs.
Adding to that, an immersion course is the best option.
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The best way to learn french is, to work in France and having a girl or boyfriend in France. This is how I have learnt it quickly.
But, for sure. Also having lessons can help. Particularly at the beginning to have a base. But practicing is by far the best method to become better and fluent.

Hey Nick,

I've just recently moved to Nantes and am currently looking for a French course.

Was wondering if you had any luck?


You  can find here a nice link explaining "All you need to know about learning French in Nantes" its in french … antes.html

here a file with asscociations and other posibilities   ("L’apprentissage du français à Nantes (lancer le téléchargement du fichier)" (84 Ko en format.pdf) … ancais.pdf )

Many associations offer classes
Literacy and FLE. Each of them is placed
in the linguistic accompaniment of migrants.

ACCOORD offers workshops from "French to
daily "supervised by professionals in
14 socio-cultural centers.
"French in everyday life" workshops focus on learning
French for literacy levels and
FLE, discovery and mastery of the environment
social and cultural and builds on everyday life.

For students: There are evening paid support courses for students wishing to improve their level and preparation courses for the various tests and diplomas with the IRFFLE: the University Training Institute Open link in a new window 02 40 14 10 39 -  irfle[at] It also offers a training program with student status with intensive courses (about 20h / week) from beginner level (A1) to experienced (C2).

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