Visit to family visa

I brought my wife son in visit now applied for family visa pro asking exit copy then after he needs 5days to proceed is it true I'm ready to exit Dubai and bring back on same day

Hi Riche aar o,

Unless your family cancels one visa, how can they come back using another ??

And after cancelling and exiting the country, how do you think a family joining visa can be processed and prepared and handed over within a matter of hours ?? Perhaps it can happen is some other parts of the world. But this is Oman.

What your PRO says is how it will be.

Thank u sir he s asking to go India for one week asking exit copy through mail within 5days I'll! Take family visa and he will send in mail I don't know whether it is possible strictly asking give exit copy first then I'll process

Hi Riche aar o,

If someone can get you the family joining visa, then it has to be only your company PRO. Absolutely no one else can help you with that.

So just do what he says, if you want the family joining visa issued for your family.

Thank u so much for kindly clarification sir .thank u thank u

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