Some more queries on self sponsorship visa categories

Hi all, I looked through all the other threads but some of the details were not covered. I am hoping that someone can answer these.

As far as I understand, for someone wanting a residence visa to Bahrain (and not working here nor eligible for 15 years retirement), there are two options.

Property purchase

While it is clear that 50,000 BD purchase is required; some of the details or information that is provided is unclear. Some questions:

1) 50K BHD purchase grants self and family visas?  I have been told that for family visas, you actually need to buy a minimum of 2 bedrooms and to include maid in that, 2 bedrooms and maid room?  this means that for family, the real spend that will be done is around 70-80K BHD for a 2 bedroom?
2) If the property is purchased under joint ownership, both parties are eligible for visas?  e.g. 50K BHD property with two owners means both get visas or only one?  or the value now needs to be 100K BHD?  what if both parties are married?
3) Is it easy to transfer existing work residence visas (under work permit route) to property based visas using the mobility transfer?
4) I was also told that parents cannot be sponsored under property route.  Even if you already have a residence existing for parents (which was gotten while employed in Bahrain), it will be cancelled once the visas are transferred.  Is that true?

Set up your own company

Single or Joint ownership. When you speak to the agents helping with this; they tell you it can be done within 2 weeks. However, a friend of mine is in this process since last three months. 

Does anyone know of a good provider who can assist with this - end to end?  end to end meaning that they should help with set up of company and provide visa services at the end.  Alternatively, recommendations for both parties i.e. people who set up companies and PROs who sort out visas would be welcome.

Is there any other option that I may be missing?

Thanks for the help.

Hey Xtang .

Yes just 2 options if you haven't retired , or worked in Bahrain or GCC for 15 years .

1. Property
2. Commercial Registration

I setup my company with no issues .

You need to know the procedures and not delay the CR Formation .

At what stage are your friends stuck at ?

They haven't started yet. Need reference for a good agent to help with process. Thanks

Are they in Bahrain already ?

Yes in Bahrain

Trust me , you don't need any agent to do it .
If they have CPR card , get an E-Key and login to .
It's a user friendly website .
Why waste 200-500 BD just for nothing ?

Even the visas , I did it myself , using LMRA website , once visa done , went to NPRA to print the sticker , then CPR Card issuance was smooth , you would need an agent for address though , or if they have their own address no need of agent .

Thanks for the response.  Just came back on now.

In terms of setting up the company, what seems to be the process (and you can comment from your experience):

1) Apply on sijilat for a WLL or SPC with chosen names
2) Names approved and temporary CR issued
3) Need to submit office space contract and EWA deposit slip for approval of municipality
4) Submit memorandum of company for approval of MOIC.  Once approved, sign at notary
5) Open bank account and upload deposit slip for CR to be active
6) Register with LMRA and apply for visas

It seems the whole process can take up to 2 months?

I started my own company, the CR was approved on 13th September, but license got delay because of my NOC, because i was working somewhere, now i have some issue for making bank account for the company, otherwise everything is ok, actually the whole process can take only few days, if everything is ready

So if you have NOC already from your company, then licence and bank account opening is no issue?  And visa transfer is via mobility or cancellation?

yeah bank account should not be an issue if you can show them bank statement for your capital,

Regarding the visa, you will get the Investor visa so you have to cancel your previous visa no mobility

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