140000 would be enough?

Hello There
I've been offered 14k MYR before tax and with insurance only covering myself.
Would that be enough for a couple without kids to survive in KL?
How much tax should I consider on this salary range?
How much it would cost me to have an insurance to my wife?
How much should I pay in a 1 bedroom apt (work location will be close to Petronas Tower) ?
Where is a good area for apt rent considering safety, transport, shops (work location will be close to Petronas Tower) ?

o Average salary for foreigners is around RM9k.
o 28% non-resident tax for first 182 days in full Year of Assessment (Jan-Dec)*
o Thereafter stepped system i.e. higher portions of salary are taxed more highly
o Check the tax bands here:
o Medical insurance rates are based on age and value insured and only for hospitalization***
o Rent will be around RM3k per month upwards close to KLCC
o Mercu Summer Suites are very strategic **

*upon qualifying as tax resident, as long as have not left Malaysia for more than 14 days for personal travel, tax is equalised across the whole of the tax year.

You can find all the tax brochures here - … ;bt_sequ=1

** Cheaper option is Maytower Serviced Apartments, which is a bit further away from KLCC -

Always rent DIRECT from a private owner and not through a booking site. Owners usually advertise on places such as iproperty and propertyguru via Agents.

*** Some Medical Card summaries can be found at

I believe it would be just sufficient, many foreigners are in KL at around 8-9k per month. I believe the rent is gonna bite you around 3-4 k in and around klcc, pretty much you'll do fine. What's your experience or where are you migrating from ?

Hey Addydimri

Tks a lot for your reply.
I could not fully understand the tax system.... with around 14k and considering a 25% tax I would be having around 10k to leave not considering apt (3k with all bills would have to be max) and I also have some monthly payments of around 3,5k that would leave me with max of 4k to leave (food, entertainment etc...) Would that be enough?
Which other areas (if possible close to KLCC) would you recommend for apt hunt?

Once again tks

Hey Gravittas
Tks a lot for your detail information.

To be honest still a bit lost with the tax information....

If I consider 1k for Insurance should be enough right?

Tax - 28% is the non-resident rate for 2017 (rate for 2018 will be announced at the upcoming budget).

You get this percentage deducted by the employer for the first 182 days, but for the second half of the year the normal tax steps are relevant and any over payment of annual tax can be claimed back.

When tax resident you will get a RM9k per annum allowance and the rest of your annual salary will be subjected to the different tax steps. Only the portion of salary that falls in the step from RM100k to RM250k will be taxed at 24% (i.e. RM59k*) ( and lower rates apply to other portions. Tax is worked  out on annual salary then divided by 12 to get monthly deduction.

*Annual salary - 168,000
Personal allowance 9,000
Taxable income 159,000

You could live anywhere on the LRT train line Kelana Jaya to Gombak as it stops at Ampang Park, KLCC and Dang Wangi

Food and Utilities/Iternet/Phone should be around RM1500 per month

Medical Card will be between 600 and 1200 per annum depending on what benefits you expect to use.

In short if u travel now then till June 2018 tax will be deducted at 28% and from July to Dec there won't be any tax deduction as u ll be resident and for that u have to make sure u do not travel more than 14 days out of Malaysia. Other major cost are as below

Rent near Petronas - 3000-3500
Utilities - max 500 incl electricity, Internet
Food - approx.1500 per month if.dont eat out
Travel - best to stay as close as possible as klcc is very crowded.

Hey Saurabh87k

Tks a lot...
So can I basically consider that:

Ill pay 28% on the first 6 months and nothing after once I'm consider a Resident?
Or should I consider that after first 6 months I'll be taxed a smaller amount.

Thanks in Advanced.

You will be taxed a lower amount and when you submit your annual tax assessment form any overpayment will be refunded.

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