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I just wanna share my experience with regards to applying residence permit here in Norway.I am Filipina married to Lithuanian citizen my husband is currently working in Norway,as part of the regulation.I,as an spouse of an EU citizen can apply for a residence permit here in Norway...I have schengen visa by the way that is why I am already here in Norway,I apply for a schengen visa from Austrian embassy (only embassy in Philippines that caters schengen visa for Lithuania) as Lithuania as the host country.Going back to my application,I submitted my application in Police office last Sept.26 2017,and was being advised that the case processing time will take up to 6 months but I can still stay in Norway while waiting for the result though my visa will expire (make sure to submit complete application before your schengen visa will expire),Oct.5 2017,I received an email from UDI that they already received my application,Oct.8 2017 I got an email from UDI that I have been granted with the residence permit.I was in a shocked cause I am not expecting that how quick the result is.As I am reading some post too some are already waiting for almost a year,but I guess because I am applying herd in Norway maybe that is a factor too.The email I receive did not indicate how many days it takes for me to receive the decision letter,anyone who has an idea?I am reading and searching I could not find the answer.

the visa approval decision letter usually doesn’t take more than a working week following the email notif you have received.

Yeah,I really receive it  4 days after I received the email notification.😊

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