I am interested in hearing about the experiences of anyone who has moved to Porto. How do you find it as a place to live, did you rent or buy a property, cost of living, have you found it easy to integrate & meet people etc. I would love to live in Lisbon but property prices high & not sure it is a good destination for a 60 year old (young), but find the Algarve too quiet, I am a Londoner & prefer city life. Will be living on my own with my daughter visiting monthly. Any info/comments/advice welcome.

I'm interested in Porto as well. I intend on visiting the city Fall of 2018, but I am interested in knowing how friendly it is for those with mobility issues.  I would like to know if I should try to rely on a walker, or if I can get around in my powered chair.  I am a Tetraplegic but I've actually singlehand sailed the Caribbean so, I'm not timid in my travels, I just like to figure out the logistics ahead of time so that I can properly prepare.

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