Buying a second-hand car

Hello, there
I'm now thinking of buying a second-hand car and need some help.

Where could I find the deals, online or offline in Casablanca?? and does anybody know an English speaking car dealer?? 

As a non-French speaking foreign woman, it's not easy to make it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you :-)

Hello Mrs,

There are many websites that sell miscsllaneous things including cars, the most known and frequented is you can look for the car that suits your budget and preferences.

So, if you know anybody trustworthy who speaks arabic or french to contact the dealers for you,you can ask him to serve as a translator.

Hello, it depend on ur budget n the car midel ur lioking for.just for urninfos i posted my car for sale here  fouple if days ago,its a peugeot 206 sedan in bery hood condition.
Can we exchange numbers so that we can text in case i see some options for you?

Hello, both, Thanks for the tips. I'll have look on avito :0) And for the peugeot, I'm afraid what I'm looking for is a bigger one with auto-gear. But still appreciate your help. :0)

I had the same problem like you about 1 year ago. When all offered a second hand car in a price range between 60.000 and 70.000 Dirhams and the cars aged between 3 and 7 years, I decided to buy a brand new car.
For only 97.000 DH I bought a brand new DACIA Logan with air condition and it has a guarantee of 3 years. So I'm technically on the safe side.
If you are still looking for a second hand car, try

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