Validity of a NOC.

I tried to find this in the forums here before I could post, but couldn't find any context relating to this.

My question is how long is the NOC valid that a company gives you? From my understanding, since the ban is 2 years, it should be of the same duration.

I have received an offer from a reputed company, and they requested for a fresh NOC.(My noc is 1.5 years old) The previous company I worked for isn't going to issue one without causing major hassles. Any inputs?

Hi Gt360,

An NOC is an approval document which would facilitate the return of an expatriate employee (anytime after exiting), who has cancelled his / her employment visa and has left the Sultanate.

Without an NOC the expatriate employee is disallowed from returning to Oman for a period of 2-years from the date of departure.

Therefore the validity of the NOC document is 2-years.

There is no logical reason for your prospective employer to ask you to produce a 'fresh NOC', since the one you are having is valid still.

Great! I thought the same. But there is a Major company here who expects me to get a fresh NOC, stating the one i have 1.5 years back isn't valid. And since I couldn't get a fresh NOC, that company has withdrew the offer!! Unbelievable!

  The HR Manager of that company has informed me a NOC is valid only for 3 months! I dislike how everyone is misinformed and that makes a base for deciding things which ruins careers!

Hi Gt360,

That is one other thing about Oman that the expatriates must quickly learn to accept without as much as a murmur...

What is the rule today, would not be in practice tomorrow.

Things keep changing ever so often and ever so regularly that even the PROs would have to get the latest on any situation as of that morning.

This NOC rule must be entirely company-made and not as per the laws of the land.

With such highly imbalanced rules like the NOC, the expatriates have zero say in the matter and are totally at the mercy of the employers.

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