I just received a offer letter from TOTAL ABUDHABI UAE <totalabudhabiuae[at]yandex.com>
They were asking me to  contact EXCELLENTWAY TRAVELS AND TOUR LLC for the
acquisition of your UAE Visa Work/Residence Permit Papers which will
enable you to legally live and work in UAE, Send the signed Copy of the
Acceptance Last page to the Travel Agency,

Is this real or fake to extract money ?

looks like fake

You got to be carefull as now a days there are lot of job offering scams are on the cards. Ask them regarding the total procedure required to complete the process. If there is some thing money related then dont send them money. Make an inquiry in UAE also about the company.

Hi Dannypothen,
Be sure 200% that is fake. I too recieved the same offer from AbuDhabi oil and gas co.

Dont even think of calling EXCELLENTWAY TRAVELS AND TOUR LLC.

Be happy

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