A Bookstore in istanbul who have all genres of ENGLISH books

Hi, I've been to bookstore and school supplies shops here but i never find a book in english language.  Anyone who knows where can i find a bookstore here in istanbul who have all genres of books and written in english language.


hi there,
if you use internet search engine, you will reach several names with the leading ones' addresses..


I bought all my english books from this shop. If they dont have it in stock they bring it and inform you about it


You can also visit "akmar" book shops in Kadıköy.

Ahh looks need to have some books as like you said of course you can find some of the best novels at Akmar in Istanbul and others should be in beyazit square

You can find a book that mentioned in Kadikoy

I've used this list of english-literature bookstores in the past which has helped me find English books:

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