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I got a bit questions..about my current job and for the future as well..heres my situation..i finished my 2 years contract already here in im planing to go vacation and i ve already applied for exit re entry visa..
Luckily i got a new offer in Afica..then the' re sending me a visit visa for UAE. in connecting to Africa..
My questions are..what would happen f wont come back in KSA..and i go UAE there any trouble with my ER VISA in KSA?..
In.addition..if i got banned in KSA can i go other gulf countries?

Thanks guys..waiting for your answers..
God bless..

As you said you were already finished your contract, so better to go on a Final Exit Visa.
If an Exit Re Entry visa has already been issued, don't worry your employer can easily cancel it.
For UAE it doesn't matter you have exit re entry or exit visa. They need UAE Visa.
If you won't return back to KSA after leaving on an Exit re entry visa, you will lose your EOS benefits and you'll be banned for certain period.

Right now you'll not be banned in any other Gulf countries, but in near future I think yes.

Conclusion: It's better to leave on an Exit Visa, as you were already finished your contract period. Discuss with your employer.

Thank you my glad to heard that..

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