anyone can suggest where to go in cebu island?

Hi All,

for almost 2 years in the philippines, i've never really been out of metro manila *duhh :D *
so i'm planning to go to cebu for 5 days. other than kawasan, tumalog and oslob, where else should i go?


hi amanda.. ive been to cebu 8 years ago.. i can recommend you visit the TAOISm temple at Beverly hills.. the guitar factory.. and Plantation Bay.. its a hotel resort .. i gave it a 5 star rating... )
good luck

I drove across Cebu a few months ago and stayed south at Moalboal, then a few stops in between all the way up to Bantayan.  Cebu City is great, though the resorts such as Plantation Bay on Mactan are very expensive compared to the more laidback resorts on Bantayan.  Depends on what you want.  I think your choices are good, maybe at a visit to Moalboal and the Mantayupan Falls, since that's not far from your current itinerary.

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