Able to be a pensionada on SSDI with reviews

Hi everyone! I'm a 29 year old single women on SSDI in the US. I currently receive $1063 a month in SSDI payments but my disability is subject to periodic reviews (every 2 to 5 years), but has been consistently re-approved every review period. I'm looking to apply for residency as a pensionada but am worried about the "pension" source required to be for a lifetime. Is there any way around this? For example, by the time I would have to re-apply for my residency it would be clear that my SSDI was approved again or not. I have always wanted to leave the United States and for many reasons Costa Rica is the ideal location for me. I've been doing research for years and I already speak near-fluent Spanish. If anyone knows of any ways exceptions can be made for this I'd love to hear from you. Basically because I am so young, the US government wants to semi-regularly check in on my disability status hoping that I will get better or a cure will be found at some point in my lifetime. However, my doctors continue to maintain that I am disabled and will be for the foreseeable future, hence why my SSDI re-evaluations are continually approved.


Sorry to say, no, your pension wouldn't be accepted and this amount would provide you  with a very tight budget.

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