Question about EP Eligibility

I am a 20 something Myanmar national who studied in SIM and is now working with a SPASS in Singapore. I recently started looking for jobs after now working for 1 year plus in my first company and found a few who were possibly willing to me an EP because they had no SP quota.

Now I went ahead and used the Self Assessment Tool on MOM's website and it reports that I may not be eligible for an EP, only a SP. I adjusted some values, and the way I could get it to say I can get an EP is to change my education to a reputable school like SMU.


1. Other than attending a reputable school to earn my masters, what are my options raising my chance of securing an EP?

2. MOM's website states that if the SAT tool reports a candidate is not eligible for a specific pass, then the application should not even be submitted at all because well... cfm reject. Based on real past experience, can anyone extrapolate?

I have worked 4 years with my current company and I'm still under Spass even though my salary is eligible for EP. My HR told me the same reason that the website said (I need additional education qualification), but I consulted with recruitment agencies and they told me that this is just an official reason they give. The unofficial one it could still be the salary, or some other reasons they don't want to disclose. So unfortunately, we can't know for sure what's this hidden reason.

Your education, job profile, how much valuable you are for your employer (job scope and demand in market)  and salary, these are 4 biggest factors for consideration. Even in EP, based on above 4, you will get P1, P2 and Q EP.

EP usually requires a university degree - and as far as I know, SIM is no university (while SMU is one).
The degree requirement can be overwritten by salary. This used to be the case above S$8000/month, but now there is no more officially published threshold (case-by-case decision) and the borderline is higher - I guess around S$12000/month or so.
Of course if you are world-known researcher, sportsman or artist, or for any other reason desirable for Singapore, you will get an EP regardless of formal criteria. Then (and only then) is it worth submitting an application although the SAT says "not eligible"!

Surya: The EP classes (P1, P2, Q) have been abolished a while ago.

beppi :

EP usually requires a university degree - and as far as I know, SIM is no university (while SMU is one).

SIM is not a university?

How do you mean? Everything you wrote after that lost its credibility. Please elaborate.

I did earn a bachelors from a partnering university at SIM. Not a diploma if that's what you were after.

Beppi: Agreed that they have removed the names on paper (P1, P2, and Q), but if you look into the requirements, they are serving all three categories in general without naming it.

Those EP holders salary below $5k, can’t bring spouses (category Q). Above $5k but less than $10k, can bring children and spouse but can’t bring their parents (category P2). Above $10k, can bring spouse, children and bring parents under LTVP (category P1).

tlhan15 :

SIM is not a university?

Yes, SIM is not a university and cannot grant Bachelor Degrees.
See … _Singapore for confirmation (and a list of recognised universities and colleges in Singapore).
If you got a degree from one of the foreign universities affiliated with SIM, good for you. But a certificate from SIM itself is nearly worthless. (Of course they won't tell you before you enroll and pay the fees.)

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