Need my Passport ASAP with endorsed Visa

Hi Everyone,

I have joind new company here in malaysia. I got stage 1 approval. Before 3 weeks, my company already sent my passport for Stage 2 Approval. Till now, my visa is in processing state. But This week friday (13th october), i will be going back to india as i already booked ticket.

is there any process to get early My Passport with visa endorsed? Please suggest any suggestions


Your company MAY have outsourced this to a third party that liases with MDEC or MIDA for stage 2 approvals. You should get in touch with them and they can expedite the process on your behalf.

My company itself directly applying visa for me

I do not understand. Has your EP been approved because you said Stage 1 has been approved. If stage 2 is to endorse your passport and it only takes 3 working days. If its processing you can check your status.  Maybe you can explain more in detail so we can help give the right advice

There are waiting times and delays at the moment for some Stage II endorsements. Immediately tell your employer and ask them to follow up and for the passport to be available for hand collection.

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