Good schools in cologne

Hi all,
I am new in köln and in Germany past two years and was in Aachen. We are looking up for good schools in köln private or government but education should be good. My son was going in international school in Aachen but now we want to for public schools we are even open for brühl if any recommendations..Ny son is 7 years old and in class 3 weather we should go for grund Schule or should continue in international school for and year and directly go for Gumnasium?? And weather to go for Normal German schools or Bilingual?? Plz help any inputs will be of great help for us.

Since you have been in Germany for two years already, you might have noticed that the public schools are all of similar (and in my opinion good) standard. The authorities that run them look to this. Therefore, it does not matter much which public school you choose, but the best is of course the one nearest to where you live - so your kid has the chance to find friends and put down roots in the neighbourhood.
International schools receive less oversight from officialdom and thus standards vary, just as prices (but not necessarily correlated).
If language is an issue, I would definitely recommend a public school - nobody learns a language as easily as kids and this would give yours a headstart in life! There are only very few bilingual public schools - the official medium of education in Germany is, of course, German.

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