S PASS approval

Hi friends,

I am under the category of " HIGH DEMAND PROFESSION IN SG " 

But the problem is that employer never liked to apply for S PASS to the foreigner

why    or   what is the reasons

May it is the long process to get S PASS IN Singapore ?

please clarify

Explain what?
If you are unable to find a job, maybe you are NOT in a high demand profession after all.
Those who are really sought after will get EP, and not S-Pass.

SPass, employer have to pay levy and there's quota?
The foreigner is not qualified for an EPass.

Hi Pebby

Appreciating your quick and critical answer

Pharmacist and Pharmacy technician is in high demand profession in Singapore

There are thousands of job is available in all hospital, but unfortunately all the HR prefer PR or Local

and never interested to apply S PASS to the foreigner

As you may well aware that salary range is very important to apply for S PASS OR EP

My salary will be around 3000 and qualify for S PASS and not for EP

i have check with online data and qualify for S PASS according to my profession and salary

Still it is very hard to find a employer to accept and apply for S PASS


Maybe because they can find enough locals and PRs to fill the vacancies.
Those must be hired first, by law.

To add further to Beppi’s reply. There are two kind of demands in Singapore. One is, jobs which are in demand can be fulfilled by local (citizens and PRs), and other type jobs, which are in demand need special skills where in the market locally not available ( not sufficient work force) so that employer can hire from outside.

So, if you see all these jobs are advertised in various job portals to hire locals that means, it can caters locally within Singapore (not required to hire foreigners or employer doesn’t have quota to hire a foreigner under S pass quota - mostly salary level of these jobs don’t go beyond 3.5k to best 4K).

But, nevertheless don’t lose hope n keep trying. Good luck.

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