Looking for a dog airplane crate


I will fly from Phuket to Bangkok and need to get a dog crate


Does anyone have one I could buy from them? If not, do you know where I can get one in Phuket?

thanks very much

I'm sorry I can't help you find a crate but maybe the animal hospitals will know or pet stores. Sometimes the pet travel companies provide the travel crates so probably worth asking to add into your quote because they have to be a certain size and have room for your pet to stand and move around in. Depending on length of flight they may require a water container attached also. I'm going through the same issues at the moment trying to bring my dog from Australia to Phuket and he's a French mastiff so I need the biggest crate ever hahahaha... anyway good luck hope ur pet has a nice flight... :)


thanks, I'll try that


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