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Hi all

I have done some reading up here but I haven't come across a thread which mirrors my exact situation so I'm hoping someone will help me here.

I had an interview with a company in Oman in August. Thereafter I did not hear anything for quite a while. The recruitment agency which I was working through contacted the company and then they requested my passport copy and current permanent address. I provided those details well over a month ago.

After that it went quiet again. Then about 3 weeks ago the GM that interviewed me called me to give some feedback.
The position which I had been interviewed for had been offered to another candidate however they had another vacancy which they wanted to offer me. So I accepted and the GM said he would speak to HR to put together an offer and they will be in touch with me.
It's now been about 3 weeks and I have not heard anything or received the offer.

Does it normally take this long?
I thought requesting for my passport copy was a good sign, but now I'm wondering what's taking so long for them so send through an offer letter?

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Hi AndrePrevin,

Delays like the one you are facing are not altogether uncommon. In fact, it is quite normal.

The delay could most likely be because of the Ministry of Manpower's job clearance for which your prospective employer is perhaps waiting for. As you perhaps may be aware, without this clearance, an employment visa cannot be issued.

And, there is indeed a whole lot of information that is already available in the forum on the subject of delays pertaining to job clearances and employment visa issuances.

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