Please can someone advise. We were misled by the company my wife works for that schooling would be included for our son. Needless to say we were shocked to find out that it is not included in the package.  Can anyone recommend a home school that is recognized internationally


School fees used to be part of the 'expat package', but these days, rarely are.

There is a good choice of UK curriculum schools, such as the Braeburn Group, St Christopher's. 

Schools such as Rosslyn Academy offer the US system of education.

You should look for a school that is close to where you live, otherwise your children will spend hours a week stuck in traffic, commuting to and from school.

We had a child in a Braeburn School.  We liked the huge choice of sports and after school clubs, plus regular parent/teacher meetings.  We didn't like the somewhat 'relaxed' UK style school discipline (or lack of it!), the extortionate fees, the school year following the Northern Hemisphere pattern, so the long holiday is in the cooler months.   

There's nothing wrong with the Kenyan system either.  Our Granddaughter has recently transferred from a Kenyan system school (Mt Kenya Academy) to a UK private school and has had no issues at all, academically, with the transfer.

Your thread is titled 'Homeschooling', so a word on that:  Employed teachers in Kenya and not legally permitted to homeschool children.  This came about after a large exam cheating scandal a couple of years ago and this was one of the measures taken to lower the risk of teachers being bribed to swing exam results.  I don't know whether this applies to teachers in international schools though.

Home schooling or private learning in International education is allowed in kenya and it happens in many private tuition centers.Students follow the British  curriculum  and sit exams privately at a recognized exam center, the British council.

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Education in a 'private tuition centre' isn't really what I meant by the term 'homeschooling'.   You are also clearly trying to promote your own services - there is an advertising section for that purpose!

I meant the process of privately hiring the services of a teacher who comes to your home.  Under the Kenyan system, this isn't permitted - at least when the teacher is also employed in a school, but may be under other (international) systems.

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@Corrado1410, please inquire from the professionals listed here : Private schools in Nairobi

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It's difficult to tell about homeschooling which is recognized internationally. But I would suggest Online schooling would be a good option. But you need to do research first properly and then join.

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