New Student at University of Hohenheim

I am doing masters in International Business and Economics at University of Hohenheim (in English). Looking for current, or ex-students. Would love some advice about which subject is better to choose, which to avoid, how to get involved in sports activities, how to meet English speaking expats etc. Please, feel free to contact me if you wish to explore Stuttgart together.

Although I know some Hohenheim students in real life, I am not aware of any active on this forum.
I think you are better advised to contact the students' union ("Studentenvertretung") or the university's foreign student office ("Akademisches Auslandsamt") with your questions.
And don't forget to invite your fellow students to join this forum afterwards!

One can just hang up notices on the pinboards at University about what you are looking for. There are a lot of offerings for different sports through the university and they usually publish a whole booklet each semester - or just look online. Such sport groups are cheap - but not free - and a very good way to meet people.

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