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I am planning to move to Shanghai for work and my monthly salary will be around 16000 RMB. Can I know the taxes imposed on this salary and after tax deduction will it be enough for a decent life in this city? Thanks in advance

It is enough for decent lifestyle. It depends if the company is paying your taxes or you need to do it yourself. In case you need to do it your self you need them to teach how to use fapiers.

Thankyou JRE_China for your info. "In case you need to do it your self you need them to teach how to use fapiers."  I am sorry I didn't get this sentence.

In China fapier or a bill (that has your companies tax ID) this every worker can use to reduce the amount they pay tax. It very common that ppl need to collect 3000-10000 rmb worth of fapier to reduce the tax from their salary.

Oh yeah 16,000 will do you nicely.

Cost of living is very manageable in China, even here in the glittering celebrity city.

I’m living very centrally (one stop from People’s Square) and I’m paying around 4000 which is ludaris for most people as you can pay much less.
I have friends paying around 2000 in rent.

Bills are very low, my complex bundles all the bills together and I pay them on Alipay maybe about 130 per month.

Getting cheap food delivered is a cheap way to have dinner and there’s lots of cheap food sellers on most streets.

Honestly China, more than anywhere else I’ve lived allows you to live as rich or as cheaply as you choose.
You’ll be fine!

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