Land my grandparents are giving me in the Philippines

Hello everyone!

So if anyone has some basic knowledge on owning land in Cebu I need some help.

I am here in the states so I won't be able to head to the PI for few months. My aunt is going to the city where we own a small mountain with ore to find out what is going on. So far on the phone I could tell they are trying to lie to her like she is some dumb country hick saying we don't own land below our land. Crazy.

A Japanese company is entering our land and mining ore from the part that we own. And that is really pissing me off. I am heading there soon but was wondering if anybody had any advice or ideas as to dealing with this.

To be clear my grandma and mother currently own all of our land in the PI but they are both here in Texas and I am the only one who is going to the PI to investigate. Also the land will be in my name once we figure all of this out.


Are they mining ore or going after WWII loot???

Hi Randy! As long as you and your family can prove authenticity of ownership with the valid papers we can help you. It’s my dad who has experience in handling cases like that.


I can totally get that paper work. We actually sent some money to my aunt to travel back and forth and deal with the Department that allowed the mining at our land since she is in Mandaue.

I will get back to you as soon as I get some pdf's and let you know. Thank you and I will definitely compensate someone for helping us out. The Japanese company is a pretty large company and they totally went for the minerals while my grandparents were here in the states.

Lol. WW II loot probably wouldn't be miles deep inside a non-mined mountain. I believe it is a deposit of copper or gold. Not sure, but I hope it's valuable. It was worth the risk for the corporation that is stealing from us to start an operation, though.

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