Looking for Rice / spices wholesale market in Kenya

Hello all,

Planning to visit Kenya next month. So kindly share whole sale market details of Rice / spices & Sanitary (toilet bowls). Such as name , address etc of markets.

We will be happy , if we get more information about these markets. If you know someone in this market, kindly share their contact details privately..
Thanks :)

Hi all,
I didn’t get any replies regarding above question. So can some help me please ?

I certainly don't really understand what it is you are looking for.  A market as in a physical location, or in economic terms, for example?

Thanks for you response.

Actually we are searching for best Rice wholesale market location. Our purpose is to find good customers from there.

Thanks. :)

Hi i come from a rice growing area.are you interested in buying rice in wholesale or you have buyers interested with kenyan rice.i can link you to rice growers or millers

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply :)

Actually we are Rice suppliers from India. So we need good customers...

Ok.Thanks.I used to market rice sometimes ago.mybe You can reach me on *** we can exchange marketing ideas or i can help you reach some buyers in kenya.

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