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Dear sumitaran sir    My husband sign the contract in last week f june 17 Its a reputed company .He is under pharma category visa .he exited the country n 18th july before that he gave the required documents including med certificate and original degree,Noc we were following up once in 15 days..on 17 aug we were tld they applied fr one pharmacist fr him will try to upload in   moh then from that date till 18th sep they were telling we are following up,On 20th sep we were told completed fr one pharmacist nw will upload ur documents as  before  moh was not allowing now it is allowing .They told they will do today or tomorrow .Till now now they are not able to provide proper information why they have not uploaded the dcuments .we left everything their depending on them as well as my 2 daughters are suffering because we did not take tc  from there.what can be the reason.thks

Sorry  my apology he signed the offer letter

Hi Monisha Ashok,

Lack of the Labour Clearance could be the only reason for the delay in processing your husband's papers.

If you would spend some time in the forum, you can get a whole lot of information and details regarding the why and why nots of the labour clearance delays.

Thank you so much sir fr ur guidance

Hi sir   what are the steps company has to go through to get pharmacist visa .with moh approval what else is required.Is originals required by the company to obtain the clearance

Hi sumitaran sir
                              Sorry to dìsturb u.lack f labour clearance means they do not have thedesired papers in place to apply fr clearance fr or some other reason.I have read almost all the posts in ur forum.Most f the cases say company has applied fr LC and the delay is because f that but in our case they havent started the procedure fr MOH clearance from last 2and half months.It is a big company with more than 20000 employees.How come they completed the procedure fr one pharmacist and fr othet they are not able to even apply fr .My husband was given the post f handling the department .Is it ok if we ask originals back see other options in India as they are not giving surety when they will apply fr clearance .Is it ok they can keep scanned copy f the documents with them when they apply and get the clearance they can inform us and originals can shown afterwards
                                                                                                                    Thank you

Hi Monisha Ashok,

If you have read the discussions in the forum you would have noticed that prospective employees are strongly advised against sending their original educational and other important documents and certificates to an unknown address.

Delays in getting a job clearance is far too common especially given the impetus on the process of Omanisation and on the prevailing tough market conditions.

Before a job clearance can be provided, the organisation must necessarily meet with umpteen requirements. Doesn't matter even if the employer is a Ministry. So the delay in your husband's case is not very surprising.

Thank you so much sir

Hi sumitaran sir
                               Good afternoon as i told we were in process  f asking originals from the company as they are delaying in our paper one f the hr is very co operative and he sent us back the originals but his original NOC and data flow is with them As they have not even started the procedure f uploading the documents i am worried hope this decision f asking the originals will not change their mind.They have scanned his documents what hr has told

Kindly give us ur opinion on this .thank you

Hi Monisha Ashok,

Think positive and hope for the best.

Take it a bit philosophically as well ...

If you must go to Oman, you will. Whatever happens. Nothing can stop it.

If you are not to go to Oman, you will not. And nothing can make it happen.

So just let it be.

That is a great answer Sumitran! I really can’t understand why people keep worrying about things that are 100% out of their control. Life is full of possibilities, when one door shuts another one opens. People need to learn to be positive and believe whatever happens is for their own good.
Among the GCC countries Oman’s economy is in the most vulnerable situation at present and anyone taking up a new job needs to be fully aware that they are entering a mine field. It is better to stay back in India at times like this and enjoy a more stable and peaceful life.

Hi sumitaran sir and SA k9 sir thanks fr motivating me .thank you so much once again

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