Cargo from US to DR

What company do you recommend to bring your stuff to DR from the US? How difficult it was, how long it takes to ship it and how expensive it is? Just trying to plan the budget. Thank you!

We shipped an entire container 12 years ago and would not do it today.  You can get basically everything you need here. This was not the case 10 or 12 years ago when you could not find many household items.  I would bring just your clothes and sell everything else.
Here is the company we used
Rosa del Monte 809-685-6256. They have multiple offices in the US as well
We thought the cost was pretty reasonable and it took about 2 - 3 weeks door to door.  You also can avoid the HUGE tax cost here if you ship with your new residency. IF not the cost can be astronomical (because of 28-35% tax rate)

Bob K

I suggest you do some searches and read about residency, shipping etc. Lots and lots of discussion on these subjects.

Specific questions after, we do our best to help

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