Should I accept a 20,000 RM per month offer in Kuala Lumpur ?

My current CTC in India (Pune) is INR 25,00,000 per annum. I am being offered 20,000 RM per month from BAE Systems (as a permanent role) as salary in KL. We are family of 3 member including 1 child (will be going in 1st standard) from next year.

I have other Investments as well as home loan EMI of 93000 per month. Would it be wise for me to accept this offer ?

Also, what would be the COL, rental, utilities, transportation, Schooling expenses, Climate etc in KL ?  So, would I be able to save more in KL?

And when the school session starts in KL ?

Some comparisons … ala+Lumpur

School starts either in January for some international schools or in August for others. Not sure if Global Indian School in Brickfields has a different system.

Rent and schooling are the highest costs - say RM3k per month minimum. Food & Utilities should cost no more than RM1.5k per month

You can check income tax rates here:  Currently non-resident tax is 28% flat rate (until 182 days in first full calendar year achieved).

Other significant expenses are car hire (or purchase).

Ok, thanks for the information
So, would I be able to save with this offer in KL considering that COL is bit higher as compared to Pune ?

Why don't you give your current earnings and loan repayments in MYR equivalent then it will be clearer.

Relocating should give you at least the higher COL plus about 15%.  Receiving a relocation allowance from the employer will help cover initial expenses such as hotel while getting accommodation settled plus deposits and any equipment needed.

To buy a car would take liquid assets as well.

Working out the cost of housing where you really eed to live (which school you choose) is also going to focus down on the real level of expenses. It could see the housing plus education potentially escalating to RM5k per month.

Depending on the area you choose to live rental can be at rm2000 for a fully furnished unit (Average area).

Here is my current investment & home EMI, 3560 MYR

So, does 20k MYR is a decent package as per KL lifestyle and considering rental as 2000 - 2500 MYR and school for only 1 child as 3000 MYR ?

Also, how about the whether in KL as compared to Pune ? Is it too hot & humid

Schooling at 3000 myr per month is doable. Kl weather is hot and humid with the ocassional rains. Rainy season is usually at the year end.

Ok thanks, and If I have bond agreement of 2 years than I would be considered for the appresal cycle at the year end as well as bonus ?

Also, can I receive more details on Malaysian laws for expats ?

For the first 182 days u ll be taxed at 28% I.e approx 5400 per month. Thereafter u ll be taxed slab wise so the monthly tax would come approx 3300. Rental in good area would be approx 3000 and utilities would be around 600. Folding can be around 1500 if at home. Don't have idea about can compare saving here with your current package and take decision

Thanks for the Information but I haven't received answers as per my last post ?

You need to talk to your employer about terms of employment re bonus etc. No-one can answer your questions as they don't know what your contract of employment says.

There is no Malaysian law for expats except in terms of immigration procedures.

Ok thanks for the valuable information

Also, how much RM would be sufficient in KL  for the initial one month if the rental is paid by he company ?

Exactly even I think the information you are asking has to do more with your HR and your self calculation. All members have already provided you with the basic and general information required keeping in mind that you are not a fresher to work.

Change into Ringgit on arrival - again depends on what you intend to do during the first month i.e. if you will need to pay deposits before you can take a lease on a property.

1. Living Expenses - RM1500-2000 (always more expensive when newly arrived)
2. Lease Deposits etc. - 2.5 months of rental charge plus 1st month rent in advance
3. Other cash - Deposits for phone plan and possibly internet broadband

It is good salary and the living cost in Malaysia is cheaper than India!

What a strange comment, Kanchiashok - regarding COL

Thanks for the information

It is True!

Yes Mukul, If you compare online the living cost may show you higher.But when you actually compare it will be almost same as Pune.

Metro cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore are also not cheaper now, and expenses are almost same like Malaysia. when I go for holidays to India I feel India is expensive.

Mukul17 :

Thanks for the Information but I haven't received answers as per my last post ?

What kinds of laws?

The internet is an amazing tool, if you type in what you are looking for, you should be able to find the relevant government site in Malaysia to give you the answer you need.

Hi, Have you shifted to KL? I was also planning but again, Same questions in my mind too. Can you help?

Did you shift?

It would be great if we had feedback from people asking questions!

COL - I hear a colleague who stay overseas comment that COL in India is as expensive as Sydney. I also see similar commentary here. So I am not very surprised. I am gradually starting to believe this.

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