What is Insurance liability in case Tire Bursts Accident 100% Damage?

I had a car accident on the Highway just outside of Riyadh due to tire burst at the speed of 125km/hr. The car skids off the highway and hits a rock and gets entangled to the wire fencing with total losses to the body. The car was still under insurance/finance. What should be insurance company's liability..?

Whatever is in your insurance certificate.
It should be clearly indicated.

Thank you Sir. Will check that (will get that translated to English).

First of all , Salamat and I hope you didn't get heart.
In Saudi Arabia, car insurance usually to kind.
1.Third party insurance: covers all mess the car did , except fixing your car
2. comprehensive insurance: covers all mess the car did , including your car
But as Fred said, check your insurance certificate to find out all details.

Regards, Ali

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