Accomdation options close to Southgate Commercial Center

I have few accommodation queries as below,

1. Suggest gated residential apartments few kilometers range to South gate Commercial Center.
2. What is the difference between apartment , Condo,   service apartments and service residential complex? apart from the increases cost of utilities does service apartments\service residential provide cleaning\ house maintenance services?
3. In my home country (India) the agent fees is typically paid by the tenant. What are the rules for the agent fees and using their services  in KL?
4. is there a website which provides some indicative fair rental prices if I enter the apartment \condo name?


In KL the owner is responsible to pay the agent's finder's fee.

The difference in properties named is more to do with whether it is a private rental direct with the owner, or through a service provider.

You should never pay any building service charges as the rent should cover them and the owner should pay them. Some apartment buildings may be cheaper because they have no facilities such as pool or gym, which condos have on site. Most developments will be gated and have security - some older smaller developments will not.

Serviced apartments usually mean that unit cleaning is included if from a commercial company. (Some residences have a mix of private ownership and a group of units managed by a commercial company).

The owner may provide cleaning service and back-charge you. Owners have different arrangements in place depending on their preferences. Usually the tenant is responsible for paying utilities (water, electricity, gas) and internet/tv subscriptions if renting from an owner.

The usual deposit to acquire a rental agreement with a private owner is 2.5 months of the rent level agreed.  Serviced apartments often include some utility charges against a higher rent and smaller deposit.

All rents are negotiable with private owners, but less so through managed units. Check out offers on places like iproperty or propertyguru to find your budget. Rents are set by market forces but currently downward trending in many places due to oversupply.

Thanks Gravitas!
Kindly also share some area names / apartment names which are travel friendly via Public transport  around South-gate Commercial Center. I see that the nearest train station is CHAN SOW LIN. 

Please suggest areas names which have oversupply of apartments, may be I can get a value deal. i have just heard and seen on the maps few area likes- Damansera heights, Bangasar,  Bangasar South, Cheras.  I have also looked up at and propsocial.   However i am not able to gauge how travel friendly are these?

Please suggest if a budget of 3K for a 3bhk fully furnished is a practical rent expectation to start with.


Check on a map to find nearest condos. The prices are from about RM1.4k to RM3k  The places you mention are miles away and not easy to access (except Cheras which is OK and where most accommodation available will probably be located).

Check places along the LRT line as well. Towards KL City e.g. (LRT Hang Tuah) prices will rise. You may need to check bus services to reach the office more conveniently if you don't intend to have own transport.

Fraser Business Park and Sungai Besi might be OK, but it will depend on access to your place of work.

If you are wanting 3 beds it sounds like you may have children. In that case your choices will be completely different.

The area is not a typical expat one and Cheras is predominantly a Chinese Malaysian enclave, I seem to recall.

Another option would be condos (e.g. Tiara Ampang) near Ampang LRT station which is on the same line as CHAN SOW LIN.

Seputeh is popular with Indian expat families but you probably would need own transport (it has links to Brickfields/Sentral which is the main Indian quarter in the vicinity).

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