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how to get release from kafeel who is in small red category

If your residence is expired you or if he didn't paid you salary for three months you can take transfer to another sponsor without permission

my residence still has ten months to expire. the problem is he is not complete red but small red in Arabic the status is Ahmr sagheer,,,,

did he paid you salary for 3 months

actually I am new, I have not worked for him, I just enter ksa on this visa and want to join one company who offered me a job. the new sponsor cant proceed with my request in the system as the color of my present kafeel is small red not complete red

I just want to change the kafeel that's it... my present kafeels status shows small red which I heard is not complete red that could help me changing the sponsor without involving my ex sponsor.... what are the solutions to change the sponsor if kafeel is in small red status which in Arabic is ahmr sagheer.....

Goin on Final Exit is the only Solution

wow... I just arrived in the kingdom and u r suggesting me to leave.......

In your case you have to...

Either wait until your kafeel falls in red or falls in high green.
You can continue to work in case if your new employer apply online for your release and you brought an NOC from your Kafeel. But your kafeel has to give you release once he got the high green status. If he falls under red from light red, no need for anything.

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