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hi to everyone, been living the good life for just over a year although hard work renovating, enjoyed most of it. live in small village few expat families here although do not see much of them village quite spread out. have few dogs which i have picked up along the way, donkey and a young goat keeps me out of mischief!! gorna oryahovitsa nearest large town to me 30 mins away. anyone want to meet for a coffee? sorry my bulgarian is very poor but definitely going to address that next year. interests apart from diy, animals, are gardening, reading and cooking when i get the time!! anyway must get on pouring with rain so painting a ceiling today, best of luck

Hi plumjam,
Are you living the good life alone? We have been doing the same thing for a little over 5 years now and live in a village near Yambol. I see you are near Veliko Turnavo, we just spent last weekend there for our anniversary, it's a place that we are always drawn towards, and has so much to offer in the autumnal season, beautiful place!
Mind, it was more like summer then, the weather was fantastic. We too had the heavy rain, it didn't stop for almost 24,hours, can't complain though, as it's been such a dry summer. Anyway, just wanted to welcome you aboard, enjoy the ride!

Thank you Jules for the welcome. I agree VT is a beautiful city and province the autumn for me is the best. Unfortunately I am doing this adventure alone but with more time hopefully next year (she says tongue in cheek) learn the language and have coffee with the villagers and get more involved. You have settled then being here 5 years and sure you have achieved alot but although the load gets lighter still maintenance year after year because of weather conditions definitely going to get more help next spring masses planting to do. Cheers then have a nice evening.

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