Looking for Manual Software Tester Job in Bangkok

Hello All,

My Self Amit Gulhane  from Pune India, I am having 6 year of experience in Manual Web and Mobile Application testing.
I am searching for new job in Bangkok. Can somebody help me how to search the job, I am applying online but not getting any response from anyone.

Can  some body help me to get the job in Bangkok. Any guidance will be great help.

Best Regards
Amit Gulhane

       Any inquiriues you send out to people for a job should reflect good English, your background, your reason for contacting that company in the first place and why Bangkok.
       I don't know the reason you picked Thailand, as your English needs improvement and you don't speak Thai.  Have you ever even been to Thailand?
      You don't say where you studied or from which schools, universities, technical programs you completed/ graduated.
      Have you worked for any software companies in India? For how long? Are there any among them which also have branches in other countries?
      You should be looking up Software companies on the internet and checking if they are looking for any "testers", but you need to have a proper resume and define your achievements and goals.
      For the technical sector, you might find more luck in Chiang Mai rather than Bangkok.
       Hope this helps.

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